A Spectrum of Golf Clubs

Best Golf clubs are used to make golf balls go into the holes in the sport golf. There are various shapes, sizes, and forms of clubs, which golfers use in different situations to be able to shoot that ball into the right hole. Because of the innovations in the materials and designs of clubs, different club types were created with different purposes, advantages, and disadvantages.

Best Golf ClubsAmong the types of golf clubs are wood, iron, wedge, hybrid, putter, and chipper. Aside from the material used for the different types of clubs, the shape, size, and use of the clubs are also some other reasons why there are differences between clubs.

Even though wood and iron clubs are called “wood” and “iron,” in today’s designs, both are not made from wood and iron respectively. Before, wood is actually made of wood, specifically American persimmon wood. But because of new innovations and discoveries of new materials, metal became a primary raw material used to make parts of clubs. The club retained its name “wood” because of its characteristics even if the materials used were not wood anymore. Wood is characterized by a large head and lengthy shaft, which allow for long distance trajectory of the golf ball when hit with this club.

Iron, similar to wood, was first made from iron but because of new technology, steel alloy is now used to make iron clubs. Iron clubs are characterized by a flat angled face and have short shafts. These clubs are used for various types of shots, like long distance shots, getting through trees, and hitting the ball off the tee. The newer steel alloy iron clubs have lighter centers that allow them to hit the ball and reach longer distances.

Wedge is a kind of iron that has a heavier head compared to the usual iron clubs. Wedge is usually used for different short-distance situations in playing golf. The different types of wedge are pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and ultra lob wedge.

Hybrid, from its name, is a combination of wood and iron. Similar to wood, hybrid has the capability to hit the ball to reach a long distance. Like iron clubs, it has a short shaft length. These clubs can be used to replace or can be a substitute for an iron club set or the low-numbered iron clubs namely 2-iron to 5-iron, or the cleek, mid mashie, mashie iron, and mashie as the equivalent of the numbered names to the vintage and old clubs.

A putter is a club characterized by a loft, the angle between the clubface and the shaft, which is not greater than ten degrees. This club is specially made for hitting the golf ball when it is on grass. The short angle of the loft allows the club to lift the ball in grass.

Chippers are so similar with putters that they are also used to lift the ball in certain conditions, such as when the ball is on a grassy plane. However, most chippers are characterized by a loft with more than 10 degrees.

Because of the evolution of best golf clubs, the previous or vintage clubs have corresponding equivalent pieces to the present clubs used today. Old clubs have their own names. But today, different kinds of clubs are named by assigning a number. Among these old club names are playclub, scraper, and middle spoon, which are all wooden headed clubs with matching equivalent to the present types of wood clubs: driver, 3-wood, and 4-wood, respectively. Cleek, mid iron, and mashie are iron clubs with the corresponding equivalents: 1-iron, 5-iron and 7-iron.

Because of the numerous options when it comes to best golf clubs, it was enforced that the set of clubs a player can use should not contain more than 14 golf clubs during a tournament. Every club has its purpose and every club can help you reach that goal of finishing a round of golf.

How to Solder a Printed Circuit Board Properly

Soldering is actually a skill. You cannot solder a perfect fix in one go. You cannot have a clean and working printed circuit board if you do not handle your soldering tasks properly. You can waste hours of PCB preparation if your soldering skills are poor. You need to practice constantly and effectively learn from your past mistakes. This article will teach you on how to solder properly. Below are some of the guidelines you can use:

pcbnet1. Always use a soldering iron that is in good condition. The soldering iron is the heat source that is used to melt the solder. Always inspect the tip. The tip must be pointed and not dull. Many soldering irons, however, are bought flat and fat, and not very pointed. If that is the case, then being clean is enough. You can use a sand paper to clean the tip of the iron. It must be done while it is unplugged or if it had enough time to cool down after a soldering task.

2. If your goal is to solder for a printed circuit board, then you must always choose a soldering iron with a lower wattage rating. It can range from 15 to 30W. Irons within that range are enough for most boards. Anything with higher wattage may damage your PCB or your components.

3. Always allow the iron enough time to heat up before doing any soldering tasks. It will save you the frustration of wondering why the lead is not melting. If the iron is now heated, then you should select a hole of a printed circuit board with component pins to solder.

4. Apply heat first to the ring with the drilled hole. You must use the side of the tip of the iron. Do not use the actual pointed tip because it will only damage the board, and your own iron, as well. After a few seconds, feed the soldering lead in between the ring and the tip of the iron. You will see that the solder should flow through and around the component, and the hole. You must adjust your grip if the solder is only positioned in one location.

5. A good solder must have a volcano-shaped mound, which is colored silver-white. If your solder forms a ball, then you can use a de-soldering tool or solder vacuum, and repeat this step until desired shape achieved.

6. Repeat until all of the holes on the printed circuit board are filled up with these volcano-shaped mounds. You can also use a soldering flux or paste to achieve better adhesion. The soldering flux can also be used to clean the tip of the iron after every solder. You can also dip the tip of the iron to a wet sponge. This can prevent the iron from overheating, and at the same, clean the tip from left-over solder. Maintaining the heat of the iron can prevent damage of the PCB, and can prolong the life of the iron.

7. Use a multitester with a continuity function to check if your circuit will not short. Always remember that a short circuit is hazardous and may cause fire.

8. Optional: Use a flux remover or electronic contact cleaner to clean the board. The board can be sticky and messy after you finish your soldering task. The rosin flux from the soldering lead and paste is the cause of the mess. You can also use isopropyl alcohol.

You have learned valuable tips on how to solder a printed circuit board properly. With enough practice, your PCB may appear to be professionally made. Just practice, and you can gain a skill that you can use in creating valuable electronic circuits.

Various Types of Custom Challenge Coins

Do you know what a challenge coin is? It is a simple coin which is mainly used by military units to show their loyalty and commitment to their unit. Each coin has its own distinct design which best represents a military unit’s vision, mission and motto. Mostly, the unit commanders and combat officers are the one entitled to give such coin as a mode of recognition or appreciation to the soldier who shows an excellent performance during a particular battle.

At first, custom challenge coins are only restricted to military servicemen. However, another tradition was started by the United States Air Force and it was then called the “Bull Dog Challenge”. This tradition is about giving custom challenge coins among enlisted gunners after the graduation rites. As of that time, challenge coins are limited for B-52 bomber crewmembers, particularly those who occupied the big bomber aircraft’s tail gunner position. Such coins signify the bravery, courage and strength of all soldiers.

Nowadays, you can see several types of custom challenge coins offered by different manufacturers. Due to its popularity, challenge coins are now utilized even outside the borders of military groups. Such coins are now bought and given as a present or collection. In this article, you will learn about the different types of such coins. These types are also used even outside the parameters of the military.

Challenge CoinsThe company known as the Harley Owners Group, abbreviated as H.O.G., has been creating and selling exclusive coins with distinct styles and designs. Their coins are only offered among motorcycle owners. Like how military groups value their bond and friendship, Harley Davidson heads and customers build a strong bond by owning a special coin. The coin also represents how proud the owners are to have a unique challenge coin. The Harley Davidson heads instruct their customers to always bring their challenge coin wherever they go or to display it on their own motorcycles. That coin carries the company’s logo and the phrase “The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson”. The main material for creating the coin is solid brass alloy and the finish looks like an antique. The Harley Davidson coin’s price is 12 USD per coin.

Another challenge coin was made by the Utah Symphony and Opera. The group usually gives custom challenge coins to its faculty and musicians. This practice was done since early 2000’s. The reason of the group is not clearly stated but many people believe that it was given to show the leader’s gratitude among his members for joining the opera.

Many people would like to give unique gifts. Due to this reason, challenge coins may be given to your special someone, family and friends. Some would use it as badge of appreciation. For instance, renowned film director Jon Favreau distributed Iron Man-inspired coins among personnel of the United States Air Force. His reason why he gave such coins is that he is thankful for their participation in the top grosser film, Iron Man 2.

Another group that distributes challenge coins is the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club. The coin that was distributed has a diameter of 1.75 inches. The material used is solid brass and the coin has an antique-like finish. Like any other coin, the logo of the group is present in front of the coin. At the back of the coin, you can see their slogan: “We can, We Will”. Such coin is only given to a person who has been exhibiting an excellent performance. This coin is usually given by the head officer. Not all people can own this coin and thus, it is a great honor to own it. Whatever challenge coin it is, the main purpose why such coin is given to a particular member is to show that the leader appreciates his effort and excellence.


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Tradition is about giving custom challenge coins among enlisted gunners after the graduation rites. As of that time, challenge coins are limited for B-52 bomber crewmembers, particularly those who occupied the big bomber aircraft’s tail gunner position.

Homes for Sale at Garden City, NY: A Fresh Way to Start Over

A growing family is a surefire sign that you need to buy a new home. How does Garden City, NY sound to you?

li-realestatefinderThere are homes for sale at Garden City, NY that are worth checking out once the decision to find a better place for the family sets in. The father of the household has decided to have some business on the side to complement the day job. The mother of the household takes a home-based business too other than the day job that pays the bills. There is a little kid that is growing big enough to enter preparatory school with another sibling expected to come in a matter of months. If savings and other possible sources of income would be enough, a house the family can call their own is the next best thing to do. Then the money intended for paying the monthly rent can be diverted into preparing the first-born for school and in anticipation of the new baby.

When it comes to buying a home, since this would be for the long haul, don’t rush it. We may not have all the time in the world to do so but nobody wanted to buy a new house only to realize that there are far better choices that they could afford. Whenever it is done in a jiffy the money that could have been used to buy the house that suited you better is gone. Beware of sale deals that don’t include a guarantee too. Some agents or direct home sellers tend to disappear off the face of the earth upon getting your hard-earned cash just to secure a sale. That deal is one-sided with you left holding the bag.

Put research as well into consideration when checking out the homes for sale. There are several websites you can check for information but learn how to sift the information that flashes right before you. Some of the blogs and newsletters you might come across with offer deals that are too good to be true especially when you have first-hand experience. If you have been burned before in other transactions, it sure doesn’t make any difference in choosing a home to buy as well. Learn to scrutinize.

Don’t fore go an ocular visit site either. Most brochures are designed to highlight the positive and hide the negatives, if there are any. Leaflets often go for the glossy finish to market the homes they are selling in a way that would entice customers to buy. But if some of them schedule an appointment to see the houses yourselves, grab it and make a decision.

Get in touch with your agent now and enjoy the options. Think of the possibilities that await you here in Garden City, NY.